Ninja Selling is excited to now offer a 2-day Ninja Installation for the mortgage industry!

Ninja Selling is a user-friendly selling system designed to transform your business and your life through predictable results. It is based upon a philosophy of building relationships, listening to the client and helping to achieve their goals. If you’re looking to be an on-purpose loan officer versus on-accident loan officer, we would encourage you to attend.

The first Ninja Mortgage Installation will be held October 3-4, 2018 at The Group Inc., 2803 E Harmony Road, Fort Collins, Colorado. It will be facilitated by Larry Kendall, Author of Ninja Selling, and Rebecca Lorenz, Ninja Mortgage Instructor. To learn more about the class please visit:

Hear what people are saying about Ninja Mortgage:

“Ninja is a way of life for me. What i realized is that I was already executing many of the Ninja practices within my life daily, however when following the recipe exactly, my business excelled. I cannot express how grateful I am for finding Ninja, as it has brought flow to my personal and business life resulting in monumental life change.” Stacia Weishaar, Senior Loan Officer, Kirkland, WA

“Ninja Mortgage has helped build the skills, disciplines and habits needed to not only create harmony in my personal life but within our organization. I’m grateful for the timeless, fundamental principles that can take anyone wherever they are in their career and build it to a higher level.” Brett Mills, Senior Loan Officer, Layton, UT

To learn more about Ninja Selling, please visit

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