Welcome to the new and improved Ninja Selling site! Our goal is to make your user experience seamless and more efficient. We invite you to look around and see what we have to offer. Many of the features are now more robust and easier to navigate.

The About section tells you more about our company as well as the people that make up our organization. If you have some time, we encourage you to watch our 20 year history video. It’s a fun look back on the development of Ninja over the years.

The Events section is where you can sign up for any class we have offered. All class information will live in this section.

Then we move on to Online Learning. This is where you can view any previously recorded Ninja webinar. We encourage you to watch these as groups, as it encourages further discussion into each topic.

The Ninja Path gives you our recommendation as to how you can deepen your knowledge base behind the concepts of our training. Once you have been through a four day Installation, we offer many one day classes to help keep you focused on the Ninja Path.

One of the most exciting features of our site is the Ninja Nation Profiles. We have beefed up the profiles, so you can go deeper about your Ninja experience, designations, industry expertise, previous career information as well as formal education. We hope this section will help you in your search for finding the perfect referral source.

If you have any questions about the functionality of our site, please don’t hesitate to contact Robert ([email protected]) or myself ([email protected])

All the best to you on the Ninja Path!

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