Ninja Selling Audio CD


This audio CD features Larry Kendall presenting his eight hour continuing education class called Ninja Selling. This CD covers the major systems of Ninja Selling. There is also a Ninja Selling Reference Manual that contains all of the documents and forms mentioned in this course, available for additional purchase.

** Disclosure: Although the Ninja Selling concepts are timeless, this cd set was recorded in 2004. To receive current Ninja training material, please consider registering for a Ninja Selling Installation (



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What Our Ninjas Say

Ninja is not a selling method or technique- it is a way of life. By becoming your clients' trusted advisor, the results are more business transactions while working less hours and building lasting relationships.

- Doug Nunnally

Ninja Selling in an inspiring and natural way to do business. My clients love it and I love it. The system is geared towards guaranteed success.

- Kate Eskew, Realtor, Windermere Real Estate

Since Ninja, I run my business like a business. I know my stats, I work by appointment, and I know exactly how to make my numbers happen.

- Justin Holder, Realtor, Parks Realty

Ninja Selling