Ninja Installation

Suggested course to understand the entire Ninja Sales System. Come out of the Installation with the following SKILLS- the ability to do them, not just the knowledge of HOW to do them

  • Increase your Income Per Hour so that you can have a life
  • Properly set goals and program your non-conscious mind for success
  • Install a system that gives you predictable results
  • Install a system that generates a continuous flow of customers coming to you
  • Ask the right questions at the right time using the socratic method
  • Expect to experience a 30%- 40% increase in your business, above and beyond the market


Ninja Retreat

 Suggested course AFTER the Ninja Installation. Hear first hand from our top producers at The Group Inc. on how they utilize the Ninja Systems in their business.

  • Principles of Ninja Selling Review
  • FLOW- How to Become the Realtor of Choice
  • From Rookie to Ninja
  • Ninja Board Breaking (Optional)
  • “Wake Up Money” Real Estate Investing
  • How to Have Your Best Year So Far
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Listing and Referral Master
  • Building Your Business and Life


Ninja Selling 1

  • Staying focused
  • Staying “In the Flow”
  • Creating customers for life
  • Getting referrals without asking for them
  • Today’s buyers and how they want to be treated
  • “Book End Selling”
  • Overcoming objections with “Experimental Questioning”
  • Running your business as a business
  • Creating personal wealth and a retirement plan


Ninja Selling 2

  • Understanding the importance of staying in communication with clients
  • Formulating an investment plan to help customers achieve financial independence
  • Identifying the major areas of our lives and how to stay in balance
  • Writing new goals and understanding the mental and physiological process of selling, identifying productive, indirectly productive and non-productive time


Ninja Selling 3

  • This course is specifically designed to do three things:
  1. Increase your income per hour
  2. Increase customer satisfaction
  3. Improve your quality of life
  • How to create a business plan that attracts customers and delivers great customer satisfaction
  • How to develop the Socratic selling skills to ask the right questions
  • How to use a process for buyers and sellers that works
  • How to bring mastery, focus, and balance into your real estate career and life

Ninja Selling Connect and Communicate

  • This is an advanced communications/sales course on attracting customers and creating value
  • Learn the 4-Step Ninja Selling Process
  • Learn how to read your customers, and how to work with their specific personality types
  • Work through the 10-step buyer process, the “Sweet 16” listing process, as well as “pricing to sell”

Ninja Selling Business Systems

  • Use of and application of the abundance income generator
  • Simple “keep in touch” solution with the K.I.T. chart
  • The Ninja Business Plan
  • Other custom systems to maximize your efforts and minimize the hours of nonproductive time



What Our Ninjas Say

Thank you on behalf of all of us at Ruhl and Ruhl! I have received many emails from my agents about how your seminar was a life-enhancing experience. You are absolutely having a significant impact on my company and the real estate industry. Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge. You are truly an inspiration.

- Caroline Ruhl, Owner, Ruhl and Ruhl Realtors

I found the Ninja Installation to be the most impactful real estate training I have experienced in my nearly 30 years in the industry. I was so impressed that I ordered an Ninja Installation for our Colorado State University Real Estate Program, Ninja has exactly the traits we would like to see in our real estate alumni at Colorado State University.

- Dr. Eric Holsapple, Professor, Colorado State University School of Business

Since I started practicing Ninja, my business year to date has increased 306.2%... I'm working with people I enjoy, working much less, and I'm stressing less than ever before.

- John Kynor, Owner, QRealty

Ninja Selling