Angie Shelnutt

No Belt
999 ogden
Denver, ks 67060

My F.O.R.D.

F (Family)

Is just the best test test tes test

O (Occupation)

work work work work work workwork work workwork work workwork work work

R (Recreation)

Fun fun fun Fun fun fun Fun fun fun Fun fun fun Fun fun fun Fun fun fun

D (Dreams)

Dream DreamDreamDreamDreamDreamDreamDream

My Ninja Experience

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What Our Ninjas Say

Ninja has had a tremendously positive impact on my entire life. It has greatly increased my income per hour, focusing on activities that build relationships and translate into closings - allowing me more time with my family.

- Nicole Mangina, Realtor, Windermere Real Estate

The Ninja way of doing business allows us to focus on the essential elements of relationship building, AND gives us the ability to provide a high level of quality service to our clients.

- Paul Wilson, Realtors, Home Team Realty

Our company used to be based upon the latest technology toys, tools and devices. After bringing Ninja into CIR Realty, our agents began to refocus on relationships and results. The culture is more giving, and committed to adding value consistently each day to their clients.

- Lindsey Smith, Professional Development Manager, CIR

Ninja Selling