Getting Started

Welcome to the Ninja Path Video Program! We’re looking forward to providing value-added information to your team. To get started, you need to designate who has access to the videos under your account.

Because you registered for the program, you are the administrator of your account. This means that you can determine who else gets access to view the program (we ask you to complete this step.)

In order for your managers to view the Ninja Path videos they need to be added as facilitators.

Simply Log into your Ninja Nation account. Simply “log in” at (top right hand side)

Once you’ve logged in you should be on your admin panel. Underneath your general functions, you will see two blue buttons that relate to the Ninja Path videos. This is where you view the Ninja Path videos and manage who else gets to view the videos.

To add access for your managers, simply click on “manage facilitators.” When you do you see this screen:

Simply add the addresses of who you want to have access. Here’s the most important part: Your managers will not receive access unless they have a Ninja Nation FREE account. If you attempt to add a facilitator and they do not have account, the site will prompt them to create a profile. Once created, you can give them access.

As the Administrator, you have ultimate access in adding and deleting facilitators. Keep in mind, that the number of facilitators you have is based upon your company size. You get 3 facilitators for every 100 agents in your company. If you have too many managers to facilitators, some will have to share accounts.

What Our Ninjas Say

Ninja has had a tremendously positive impact on my entire life. It has greatly increased my income per hour, focusing on activities that build relationships and translate into closings - allowing me more time with my family.

- Nicole Mangina, Realtor, Windermere Real Estate

Since I started practicing Ninja, my business year to date has increased 306.2%... I'm working with people I enjoy, working much less, and I'm stressing less than ever before.

- John Kynor, Owner, QRealty

The Ninja way of doing business allows us to focus on the essential elements of relationship building, AND gives us the ability to provide a high level of quality service to our clients.

- Paul Wilson, Realtors, Home Team Realty

Ninja Selling