Bob Sutton

Fresh out of High School, Bob was introduced to real estate by a Ninja Realtor who showed him that he was able to buy his first home at age 19 while working for the local limestone mine.  Things ...

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Rebecca Lorenz

Rebecca has devoted her 18-year career to helping others succeed. She serves as Vice President of Professional Development for a national lending company in the mountain west, offering production teams empowering support so they can achieve their ...

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Ryan Secrist

Ryan Secrist is a national real estate leader, coach, trainer and luxury homes expert. He is featured in industry management videos, and interviewed by several organizations on building culture, including California Association of REALTORS.


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Melanie Frank

Melanie is recognized as a leader in the real estate industry for building people to be the best version of themselves. As a Master Ninja Selling Instructor, her passion and energy are contagious. Combining this with her ...

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Dennis Giannetti

Dennis’ core belief is that “Selling is Serving.” Individuals and entrepreneurs can have both a meaningful and a profitable career that supports an outstanding quality of life for self and others. In fact, one of ...

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Chandra Hall

Chandra is a third generation Realtor® who became licensed in 1997. She was first introduced to the Ninja Selling System through CRS and as a Certified CRS Instructor, Chandra has been teaching agents how to build better businesses ...

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Michael Fanning

Michael’s 23 years in Real Estate started with Windermere Real Estate. He helped build one of the first Real Estate Websites that gave birth to IDX “Internet Data Exchange”.  He went on to run the technology training ...

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Katie Williams

Katie O’Grady Williams is uniquely skilled and passionately committed to delivering the highest level of training and coaching. With over three decades of experience in residential sales and development and spanning from condo projects, to luxury ...

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John Brewer

One of John’s favorite quotes is, “Everyone ends up somewhere, but few people end up somewhere on purpose.”  Working with people to find their purpose and develop specific strategies to fulfill it is his life’s ...

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Clara Capano

Clara joined the Real Estate industry in 1993 right out of college.  She quickly gained experience in sales as part of a high producing team and later as a manager for almost 10 years.

In 2010, Clara joined ...

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Erik Zimmerman

Erik’s 24-year career in real estate began when he was still in college and bought his first piece of rental property. As he expanded his portfolio he was drawn to real-estate sales and later management. He ...

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Peter Parnegg

Peter was first licensed as a Realtor in 1978. In his first year he sold 60 homes. Peter has been the co-founder and Co-CEO of Coldwell Banker Legacy which has been the #1 real estate firm in New Mexico since 1998. ...

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Terri Johnson

Terri has an extensive real estate sales background beginning in February 1990. She is a CRS whose passion and primary focus have been training, coaching and mentoring both new and experienced agents. She is a Certified Ninja Trainer ...

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Don Tennessen

Don joined The Group, Inc. in 1999 as a sales partner. He, and his wife Mary, installed Ninja Selling systems in their business through the mentorship of Larry Kendall. In 2006, Don accepted the Managing Broker responsibilities at The ...

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Larry Kendall

Larry Kendall holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Kansas State University and has engaged in the real estate business for 40 years . He is one of the founding partners of The Group, Inc., a real estate ...

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Rob Nelson

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Lauren Roesener

Lauren began her career with Ninja Selling in 2005, as she studied under the mentorship of Larry Kendall. As the Director of Operations, Lauren oversees company wide operational components including execution of both live and online training events, ...

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What Our Ninjas Say

The Ninja way of doing business allows us to focus on the essential elements of relationship building, AND gives us the ability to provide a high level of quality service to our clients.

- Paul Wilson, Realtors, Home Team Realty

Ninja Selling in an inspiring and natural way to do business. My clients love it and I love it. The system is geared towards guaranteed success.

- Kate Eskew, Realtor, Windermere Real Estate

Ninja Selling is a seamless method to organize your business, client base, and daily habits to achieve your real estate and personal goals. Larry Kendall’s approach has challenged me to tap into the right mindset to be the best person and realtor possible. The training classes provide helpful tips and routines for new and experienced agents alike. Helen Adams has invested its time, money and resources to provide this experience. Thank you for the opportunity. We are all fortunate to be part of a company that values education and personal development.

- Jack Marinelli, Realtor, Helen Adams Realty