To help others be effective, efficient and successful in the real estate industry and beyond.

Professional Information

Terri has an extensive real estate sales background beginning in February 1990. She is a CRS whose passion and primary focus have been training, coaching and mentoring both new and experienced agents. She is a Certified Ninja Trainer and Coach. She has studied the system under the mentorship and training of Ninja founder Larry Kendall; Walt Frey, CRS Senior Instructor and designer of the Ninja Selling Program, and Zan Monroe, Senior CRS Instructor. She is experienced in and has been dedicated to the Ninja Selling program since 2001, at which time she believes it changed her business and her life completely.

She is devoted to helping organizations and individuals achieve their true potential through state-of-the art communication and marketing concepts, modern psychological and consumer research, as well as group coaching and mentoring. She has contributed for years to the growth of her local Board of Realtors in the area of education.

Personal Information

Terri’s family is what she lives for. Her wonderful husband, three grown sons, one daughter-in-law and precious grandchildren are what drive all that she does. She loves to read, be on the lake, or anything else that is outdoors. Terri’s mission is to enable everyone to have a life filled with meaning and purpose, to be effective, efficient, and successful in the real estate industry and beyond. Terri believes these concepts will reach beyond any individual’s professional career and into their personal lives.


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