To help real estate professional grow their business and improve their lives.

Professional Information

One of John’s favorite quotes is, “Everyone ends up somewhere, but few people end up somewhere on purpose.”  Working with people to find their purpose and develop specific strategies to fulfill it is his life’s work.

John loves to teach.  He started teaching in 1991 and for the next 12 years he lived his calling as a high school history teacher, basketball coach, and eventually as an elementary school principal.

In 2002, John made a career change into residential real estate where he enjoyed teaching homeowners the process of selling and/or buying a home.   While he enjoyed the successes of a real estate career, John was thrilled a few years later when the opportunity to help real estate agents build their business presented itself.

Today, John spends his time coaching and developing agents to help them improve how they run their business, which leads to an improvement in their lives.  He also spends time working with owners, managers, and other leaders to develop their coaching skills.  In addition, John speaks and teaches in his community as well as his church.

Personal Information

John is married to Tracey and they have two daughters, Cassie and Haley.  They live in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC.  They cherish their family time and enjoy traveling and making memories while visiting various parts of the country.

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