Professional Information

Dennis’ core belief is that “Selling is Serving.” Individuals and entrepreneurs can have both a meaningful and a profitable career that supports an outstanding quality of life for self and others. In fact, one of his favorite quotes is “Customers who understand our value, won’t question it unless we do.”  And, if we are truly serving, rarely will we question our own value to others.

Dennis has held a real estate license since 1988.  At that time, he had the opportunity to see a sales trainer and motivational speaker that influenced what would be his true passion and professional purpose; serving others through speaking, training and coaching. Since 1995, he has traveled nationally providing seminars, workshops and college courses to thousands of individuals and for major companies like Lockheed Martin, Kellogg’s, Capital One, and even NASA!

In 2000, Dennis rekindled his real estate resume and began working on a successful team with his mother Linda, as agents for Coldwell Banker and later, Prudential. In that time, he continued to train agents just to “help out” the company.  In short time, they asked him to manage an office.  This later lead to his promotion to  Director of Training for Real Estate Services and eventually as a Chief Training Officer for Lang Realty, a top South Florida Brokerage.

Dennis continuously looked for ways to improve and serve others. And, while he earned a Master’s degree in Training and Development and a second Master’s in Conflict Resolution, it wasn’t until he saw and was inspired by Larry Kendall and the Ninja Selling system, that he knew he had found home.  As a result, Dennis has become a:

A big part of the Ninja Selling success is immersion and follow up. Dennis’ story exemplifies both and his commitment to the system and his clients are at the highest level.

Personal Information

Dennis lives in South Florida and has two children whom he adores, Antonia and Dylan.  He loves to work out, train in Jujitsu, and spend time with friends and family.

His favorite personal quote is “Our gift from God is life. Our gift to God is how we choose to live it.”

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