Individual Coaching

The coaching program is designed for Ninja Selling graduates who are interested in applying the Ninja Selling systems and philosophies to their business and life. The coaching program helps create action plans to implement the Ninja systems into their business and holds them accountable for the goals they set. The coaching experience is tailored to individuals depending on their experience, goals, knowledge of Ninja Selling, and motivations. There is a strong emphasis on self-talk, affirmations, and goal setting.

Interested agents can schedule a free one-hour call to get acquainted with what coaching can do for them, how Ninja Selling will fit into their business, as well as give agents (and the coach) an opportunity to see if they are compatible. Depending on their familiarity with the Ninja Selling systems and philosophies and their specific needs, there are plans that range from an hour monthly to one hour weekly. Most plans require a two- or three-month commitment.

The program has three main stages:

  • Creating a strong foundation of the basic Ninja Selling systems
    (50 F.O.R.D. activities per week, weekly routine, hour of power, etc.)
  • Implementing more advanced Ninja Selling systems and Sphere Development
    (Unsolicited CMAs, 8in8 mailing program, database assessment)
  • Accountability and Business/Life Development

For further information on Ninja Selling Individual Coaching, please contact:
Garrett Frey
[email protected]


Terri Johnson

[email protected]

[email protected]

Garrett Frey

Professional Information

Garrett has spent the last 20 years gathering information, learning mentoring techniques, and acquiring the tools he now uses every day as a Certified Ninja Selling Coach. Garrett is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Oregon, but his true passion is helping people define the lives they aspire to and then helping them implement systems to get there.

Garrett has been successfully coaching real estate agents to implement the Ninja systems and philosophies into their business for the last three years. He has had the honor to work with agents from all levels of the business: from just starting out to seasoned, 30-year veterans. He loves the challenge of helping these agents put these systems to work in their different markets.

Garrett has participated in the last two Ninja Selling Summits and intends on being an integral part of any Summits to come. He strives to attend and help facilitate every Retreat in Fort Collins that he can. He finds that doing so helps him keep his finger on the pulse of Ninja and allows him to constantly update the materials he brings to his clients.

Community activities and awards:

  • Active member of Grants Pass Association of Realtors
  • “Paint Your Heart Out” Participant – annual community event
  • ”Relay For Life” – fundraiser and avid participant
  • Windermere Community Service Day participant

Personal Information

Garrett attended the University of Montana where he took a strong interest in business and psychology. While in Montana he embraced the outdoors and spent much of his free time rock climbing, mountain bike riding, snowboarding, hiking, and floating the many rivers. After exploring several areas on the West Coast, Garrett has settled down with his family in beautiful Grants Pass, Ore.

Garrett has known his wife, Sarah, for over 20 years, having grown up as neighbors in California. They were married in 2001 and now find themselves business partners as well as life partners and parents. Garrett loves being able to share all aspects of his life with Sarah; they have a great balance and harmony that reflects in all their endeavors.

Garrett and Sarah have three wonderful children, Jocelyn, Celeste, and Otto. Garrett is enamored by his little girls and overjoyed to finally have a son to celebrate all things “boy”! His priorities truly lie with his family. Whether it’s a ballet recital, a first tooth, or a scraped knee, Garrett makes sure he is there and present to celebrate, console, and/or share in all the wonders that come with childhood.

When Garrett finds a way to carve out some free time he often finds himself fishing with his dad, Walt Frey, touring the local wineries with Sarah and their friends, gardening with his girls, or working on the latest remodeling project. He also enjoys riding his bike, playing in the snow, and running through the sprinklers. He is a true kid at heart!

Group Coaching

Ninja Coaching is a follow-up for agents that have participated in the full-day Ninja Selling Program or Ninja Selling Retreat. It is an intensive one-year program where a Certified Ninja Instructor will come to your office/company once a month for a three-hour live session. These interactive sessions build upon the ideas in the Ninja Selling program. Through group discussion, agents are exposed to how these concepts are being applied successfully across the country. Each student receives a personalized manual with monthly lesson plans; students are expected to make the commitment of completing specific activities between sessions.
Below is a breakdown of topics for the year:

  1. Ninja Selling Review, Focus, Time Management
  2. P.I.N. System Time Management Review, Self Image Development
  3. Customers For Life and Neuro Linguistic Programming
  4. Personal Strengths Profile
  5. Review of Ninja Listing Preparation, Powerful Presentations
  6. Features/Benefits, Probing Process
  7. Values Clarification
  8. Working with Buyers, Life Planning
  9. Mission Statement
  10. Business Planning, Budget
  11. Marketing
  12. Staying Focused

For additional information, please contact any of the following instructors:
Zan Monroe- [email protected]
Walt Frey- [email protected]
Mike Selvaggio- [email protected]
Terri Johnson- [email protected]  

    Mark Given- [email protected]

What Our Ninjas Say

I found the Ninja Installation to be the most impactful real estate training I have experienced in my nearly 30 years in the industry. I was so impressed that I ordered an Ninja Installation for our Colorado State University Real Estate Program, Ninja has exactly the traits we would like to see in our real estate alumni at Colorado State University.

- Dr. Eric Holsapple, Professor, Colorado State University School of Business

Since I started practicing Ninja, my business year to date has increased 306.2%... I'm working with people I enjoy, working much less, and I'm stressing less than ever before.

- John Kynor, Owner, QRealty

Ninja Selling is a seamless method to organize your business, client base, and daily habits to achieve your real estate and personal goals. Larry Kendall’s approach has challenged me to tap into the right mindset to be the best person and realtor possible. The training classes provide helpful tips and routines for new and experienced agents alike. Helen Adams has invested its time, money and resources to provide this experience. Thank you for the opportunity. We are all fortunate to be part of a company that values education and personal development.

- Jack Marinelli, Realtor, Helen Adams Realty

Ninja Selling